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What is PolyView-3D?

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POLYVIEW-3D may be a web-based tool for molecule structure image and analysis. Above all, it provides a good array of choices for machine-controlled structural and practical analysis of proteins and their complexes. This tutorial aims to explain and illustrate the on the market rendering choices and annotation capabilities of POLYVIEW-3D. Server is offered at

By group action the net technology with progressive code for molecule image, POLYVIEW-3D allows versatile structural and practical annotations let alone publication quality structure rendering. Additionally to static photos, top quality animated pictures for electronic resources like PowerPoint or Web-sites will be simply generated with POLYVIEW-3D likewise. Above all, POLYVIEW-3D server options the PyMol program for image rendering, providing elaborate and top quality presentation of molecule structures, with a simple to use web-based interface.

The service is platform freelance and no plug-ins are needed. The utilization of the server and its results are freely on the market for all users, as long as correct citations and acknowledgments are enclosed (see below for POLYVIEW references). However, within the interest of higher serving the community with restricted machine resources, we tend to reserve the proper to limit the amount of submissions (e.g., per day) from individual users.

We would prefer to give thanks the authors of PyMol, RasMol, DSSP and different programs like (Scanguard Antivirus) that are used by the server (see the list within the outline section) for creating them on the market to the community and gracefully agreeing to include them into a property right server. We tend to additionally appreciatively acknowledge the support from NIH, University of metropolis school of medication and metropolis Children’s Hospital center. Finally, we might prefer to show that there are quite several image tools that are on the market on-line, usually with complementary capabilities. One sensible resource to start out exploring the sector of molecule image is World Index of Molecular image Resources.polyview 3d

POLYVIEW-3D focuses on annotation and image of macromolecule complexes. So as to automatise advanced annotation tasks, it’s let alone variety of macromolecule analysis and prediction servers, as well as ConSurf, CASTp, SABLE, SPPIDER, SCORPPION, likewise as our previous POLYVIEW internet server for macromolecule structure image. Therefore, we tend to believe that POLYVIEW-3D might become a vital resource for researches and educators in structural bioinformatics, macromolecule science and connected fields. Time allowing, we are going to build a shot to any improve the server. Feedback relating to bugs and annoying options, likewise as suggestions for enhancements are extremely appreciated. This tutorial consists of many sections that describe distinct and functionally connected teams of rendering and annotation choices. So as to change the utilization of the tutorial a navigation menu with expandable things is enclosed within the hand panel, (please click on the various entries to toggle cascading menu lists).

As a general rule, every section contains a quick description of designated rendering and different choices of interest, that are later on illustrated by samples of pictures generated with these choices. So as to lower the training curve, these pictures are cross-linked with separate pages that contain larger versions of the photographs and therefore the corresponding gradual directions on a way to generate them victimization the server.

Most of the examples are generated victimization the PyMol rendering program because it produces top quality pictures. As another, RasMol-based rendering is additionally on the market. each program support most of the choices provided by POLYVIEW-3D with many differences: (1) RasMol doesn’t totally support macromolecule surface rendering; thus, this feature, if chosen, is mechanically replaced by spherical (CPK) representation; (2) The build of PyMol (v zero.99, rev 6), that is employed by POLYVIEW-3D, encompasses a drawback rendering text labels in batch mode; thus, the choice to assign labels to choose residues is offered with the RasMol rendering only; (3) RasMol and PyMol use completely different coordinate systems to show macromolecules, resulting in issues with the initial orientation needed to realize a similar structure projection. However, one will use a Jmol-based utility to line up the initial orientation of the molecule to handle the latter drawback (see the section Initial orientation for details).

ASUS ROG G20CB: Gaming laptop comes with custom cooling technology

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ASUS Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG G20CB is a gaming laptop which comes with an impressive design and sturdy specification and features. The device comes with an amazing cooling technique which keeps the device cool. The device comes with stunning and stylish body with many lighting options and has well equipped VR gaming. The device has sharp angular edges and plastic body. Apart from the best looks, the device is powered with sturdy processor which has the ability to run multiple apps and tasks without any errors.

ASUS ROG G20CB: Design

The ROG G20CB comes with an ordinary design similar as the other gaming devices. The device measures the dimensions of 104mm thickness, 61 mm wide and 340mm tall. The gadget comes with thick base with stylish and elegant design. The device is made up of plastic which has matte black finishing makes the device superior. The device comes with angular side panels.

ASUS ROG G20CB laptop

ASUS ROG G20CB: Specification

ASUS ROG G20CB runs Windows 10 Operating system, which provides an advanced user-friendly interface to support various different apps to keep you entertain as well as to teach your kids lessons. There are many coloring apps whichteach your child drawing lessons like colorfy, Labo Drawing Lessons and many other apps. Your kid can color on his favorite stars like Spiderman black and white pages, Frozen coloring pages, and many more.

The device is powered by 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 6th Gen processor coupled with 16GB RAM which makes the device run faster. The device comes with different variant storage like 16GB, 128GB, and 2TB. This device comes with various other features like Custom-cooling module and a fan less power adapter which creates noise pollution. The device comes with cooling technology which makes the device cool by dissipating the heat using chamber.

The device comes with GeForce GTX1080 card is the most popular and advanced card which provides amazing HD viewing experience.  Being an eco-friendly gadget, the laptop saves the energy up to 50%.

Coming to its connectivity, the device is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports placed on the side and has 6 audio jacks and four ports more on the rear side. Apart from this, the device supports Bluetooth 4.0, a headphone, microphone and a HDMI output.


Rog G20CB comes with a price of $1450 in the international market and 97,000 INR in the Indian market which is quite expensive.  With such a high-price, the device might face high competition against other gaming laptops.

Check out the latest metronomes for producing reliable electronic tone

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Metronomes are significant tools for a band of musicians with all expertise levels. Early on, the metronomes were fundamentally mechanical clockworks which used to tap a stable beat. However, the modern metronomes generate a dependable electronic tone for providing promptness, but several of those have other abilities, as well. We have analyzed a number of metronomes, both conventional as well as the modern ones. The top models on our listing are appropriate equally for trial along with performance.

Therefore, if you along with your band have been booked for any forthcoming event, then I would recommend you to purchase and carry one with yourself to your performance to have an extra touch of marvel over the others.


Snark Touch Screen Metronome

Different from a few other contenders on our listing, the Snark Touch Screen Metronome does not comprise a tuner control. In its place, it focuses its works on the fundamental timekeeping. The Snark provides 15 specific rhythms and six promptness tones namely Snare, Hand Clap, Dog Bark, Cricket, Wood Block, and Cow Bell. The Snare and Cow Bell tones are fairly useful for keeping instant time. The Snare tone is capable of sounding a bit mushy at elevated volume; however, it fares fine at modest and lesser volumes.

Peterson BodyBeat Wireless Synch Pulsating Metronome

At the same time as new metronomes base out around 25 BPM and peak in the mid-200 BPM series, the Peterson BodyBeat extends an impressive 10 to 280 BPM tempo variety. It moreover takes modified tap key in from the user. The wireless yield is well-matched with MIDI and capable of being synced along with other band associates in between the performances. The composers and sophisticated musicians are glad about the Peterson BodyBeat’s skill to load and play near about nine musical tempo maps and 99 specific beats.

Wittner Faux Mahogany

The Wittner Faux Mahogany mechanical metronome is intended to do a single task fine, and that is to maintain the stable time for the musical group as they practice or perform. The facade of the metronome comprises tempo settings ranging from 40 to 208 BPM. The spring-driven clockwork must convey a stable beat for the period of an average run through, but reversing it for extra time is not tough. The students, in particular, convey that the clicking tone produced by Wittner Faux is loud and solid as much as necessary for them to sense the beat sufficiently.

Best Features Of A Microwave Oven

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There are lots of features available in a microwave oven, some of them are listed below. The popularity of microwave ovens is just because of their features. Check out some latest features of the microwave oven.


1) Controls

Microwave stove open today continues running with social occasions of keypad control decisions. This control has keys for auto works that give you minute cooking of sustenance along these lines, spare your time.

2) Based on plan

There are microwave stoves made with various sections. They give you newly pushed system for cooking along with these lines, makes your cooking less requesting and splendid. There are in like way comprehended model that are settled in your kitchen and you have to take them from here and there. The way it looks and works all rely on upon the system of the microwave. Consequently, one ought to pick it estimable.

3) Features

Various new pushed parts are displayed inside microwave stoves. These are auto-cook, lively defrost, youth locks, sensors, along these lines on which makes cooking an unprecedented measure less asking for you. In like way, clear cleaning decisions are appeared in new microwave stove models, for example, steam clean which utilises steam to clean the microwave for all intents and purposes.

4) Efficiency

Sufficiency is the focal part that ought to be open in a microwave. This picks how much criticalness will be abused while cooking. Cooking in standard stoves is truly novel and that is the reason the limit of these sorts of microwave broilers is a little to asses.

5) Turn Table

As I have said some time beginning late, newly pushed microwave are showed up in the market so near the new parts, two or three extra things are furthermore given, for example, a turn table. A turn table serves to streams warm waves through all path to the sustenance. Thusly, it is constantly better to continue running with a turn table choice.

A Buying Guide For Water Geysers

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Water Geysers: A Buying Guide

  1. On the off chance that your water radiator’s lifetime has finished then you have to purchase another for your home. Generally speaking, for the water radiators in the home, it is difficult to continue working with a solid supply of hard water. By a few strategies, they bomb inside the affirmation time distribution.
  2. On the off chance that it’s been quite a while that you haven’t obtained another then you have particular arranged options open in the market. These water radiators are vitality skilled in this way spares a huge measure of centrality and results in a restricted bill.
  3. The new water warmers will give a 4 percent help insufficiency, while a water radiator of 55 gallons or more hacks down the power bills upto50 percent. That completely relies on upon the advancement utilised.
  4. It’s wise to direct an expert or a creator to thoroughly value the new controls. Note: We don’t at present have Water Heater Ratings, however, can offer this acquiring guide, which contains satisfying tips and bid.
  5. It will be an OK choice to understanding some individual who is fit this electrical or gear field. Moreover, with the assistance of some person with this limit field you’ll be able to understand the new terms and headings.
  6. The greater part of the general open look whether the water radiator holds the acceptable measure of water or not. Different families have no under 3-4 individuals and they require no under 100 gallons of water for various uses including restroom and dishwashers and so on yet meanwhile t doesn’t recommend that they have to store water in a 100 gallons tank.
  7. It’s more fundamental to consider the basic hour rating(FHR) for tank water radiators and gallons every moment ratings(GPM) for tankless water warmers. They will let you know what amount foaming breaking point water is passed on by the radiator over a specific time traverse. All the most recent water radiators give you adequate gurgling breaking point water in a brief time traverse.

Also, check India’s Best Selling Instant Water Heaters.

The Best 3 Smartphones Under 10K INR

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Smartphones has become a common thing among people. Almost everyone around us is having a smartphone and this is possible because smartphones are available with different cost and features to have with you. Some of the major smartphone companies are launching smartphones that are affordable for everyone as it will cost you under 10000 INR in the Indian market.


In the recent few years users have benefited as various smartphone brands have entered the market which offer variety of smartphones with high end specifications at very affordable prices, with the growing market & competition you can expect the same trend to continue & wait for high end upcoming smartphones that will launch in 2017 to be extremely cheap.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

This smartphone was released in February 2016 with the cost of around 9999 INR and you can have this smartphone from any online shopping site. It has a weight of 164 grams and an android operating system 5.1.1(Android lollipop). It has a display screen size of 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1920*1080 px. The display screen is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen to have a better vision with the smartphone. It comes with a hexa-core processor in combination of two variants of RAM as 2 GB and 3 GB RAM. 2 GB RAM is available with 16 GB of internal memory while 3 GB RAM is available with 32 GB of internal memory. As per the camera features it has 16 MP of primary camera and a 5 MP of secondary camera. The smartphone is available with Fingerprint, proximity, accelerometer, gyrocompass sensors to automate some of your simple tasks. It is available in three different colors of Gray, silver and Gold with the strong battery backup of 4050 mAh battery power.

Huawei Honor 5C

Next is the Huawei Honor 5c which was released in May 2016 with the weight of 156 grams. It has a display screen of 5.2 inches with the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with the resolution of 1920*1080 px. When it comes to operating system it has Android operating system 6.0 (Android marshmallow). It has an octa core processor with 2 GB RAM in combination of that. It has an internal memory of 16 GB which can be expanded up to 256 GB. As per the camera features it has a primary camera of 13 MP and 8 MP of secondary camera. It includes some sensors like Accelerometer, compass, and proximity sensors to do some automated tasks. It includes a strong battery backup of 3000 mAh. It is available in the three different colors of Gary, Silver and Gold. It is available in the market with the cost of around 10990 INR.

Acer Z630S

 Acer is the next smartphone in the category with the cost of 9000 INR in the Indian market. It has a display screen size of 5.5 inches with the resolution of 1280*720 px. It comes with the Android 5.1 operating system (Lollipop) and octa-core processor. This smartphone comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. This phone has 8 MP of primary and 8 MP of secondary camera with the strong battery backup of 4000 mAh battery which is a removable Li-Po battery. It is available with different shopping sites in the two different colors options of Black and gold.

ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Reviews

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If you are one of those, looking out for the best Smartphone in the market. Then you are in the right place because using the best Smartphone is a trend, and it keeps you well upgraded.

It has been noticed that the Chinese hardware creator has made a budget Smartphone after V5 model. ZTE has launched its premium Nubia version in India along with the Z9 mini. Nubia Z9 mini is designed in such a way that it is similar to Z9 version and it is well equipped and having a compact design.

zte nubia z9 mini reviews

This Smartphone is specially powered by QUALCOMM’s mid-range Snapdragon with 615 processor. This Smartphone being devised in a mini version has packs of full HD displays and a super inbuilt 16MP camera.

If you are one of those searching for the best mid range phone around in the market, then this ZTE Nubia  Z9 will be the best option for you. I have come up with the reviews of this smartphone.

Design & Build:

If you do go for Nubia Z9 mini, well I can boldly say that it is best and well built Smartphone ever. It comes inbuilt with the solid alloy frame and a polycarbonate back panel. The back covered is well built with the gray colored frame sports in combination with the matte finish. Its removable back cover comes with the diamond pattern features, and it has the reflective glass that gives a vulnerable to smudges. This back cover provides classy looks and will give you the best impression ever. Behind this classy back cover, it also hides the sealed 3000mah battery and microSD card slot.


This phone is well equipped along with the 16MP rear camera and also 8MP front camera. ZTE has come with the best camera lens features in it along with different camera family apps to offer the best unique features of photography. It is also loaded with the Pro-mode for granular control.

I have an experience with this camera, as it helps me to get a good quality of pictures even during the daylight and the performance in the low light is impressive.


If you see the face of this phone, it is dominated by the Z9 mini 5 inch full HD (1920x1280p) IPS display. The display will give you a better crisp and bright colors, that will give vibrant looks. Also the text and the graphics will help you to view in sharp. The viewing angles are built in a wide area so that it will help you to see the display correctly without any hazel. If you go to the touch panel, it is so responsive, and the bezel on the screen helps to accentuate the display view.


Nubia Z9 mini is highly customized with the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. This Nubia Z9 has a customs apps that is installed within it. The app switcher is mainly similar with the MiUI.

ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Specification:

  • Performance with 1500 MHz, Quad core
  • Display you will have 5.0 inch
  • 16 GB of inbuilt storage
  • Battery backup power of 2900 mah
  • 16 MP camera
  • 2GB RAM
  • In the operating system, you will have Android v5.0.2 Lollipop
  • Dual sim slots of both GSM and GSM.
  • Its Nubia Z9 Mini model.
  • Nubia UI 2.8 is the custom UI.
  • Brand is ZTE
  • Both the sim slot has nano size
  • 4G, 3G, and 2G network is available with this phone.
  • The chipset comes inbuilt with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939.
  • The display graphics comes with Adreno 405.
  • The processor comes with the Quad Core, 1.5GHz, Cortex A53+Quad core,1GHz, Cortex A53.
  • Architecture design with 64 bit.
  • The display type is IPS LCD
  • 441 ppi is the pixel density.
  • For the protection, you will have corning gorilla glass v3
  • Size of the screen is 5.0 inches
  • The screen resolution is Full HD (1080×1920 pixels)
  • You will have multi-touch, touchscreen.
  • Wifi features are direct wifi. And mobile hotspot.
  • For USB connectivity its USB host, micro USB 2.0
  • Battery 2900mah, the type is Li-ion.

If you are still confused or searching for the mid range mini smartphone, then please make an end of your search tour. Because this ZTE Z9 mini is the best brand and unique features in it. I have been using for last one year and had a good experience using this mini phone.