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The Best of the Shampoo Bowls & the reason you need them!

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There are many shampoo bowls out in the market and if you also searching for the same and want to have the same in your home or salon then take a look at the suggested portable shampoo bowl that you can easily find it at much online shopping site across the internet. So check the suggestions and features of the portable shampoo bowls.


Portable Shampoo Bowl by professional emporium

Portable shampoo bowl is actually a light weight, portable, economical and affordable. This portable shampoo bowl can be permanently installed to your salon or you can also move it to the client’s location as per your choice and requirement. It has a strong base so that it will stay stable and firm while using and it has a diameter of 22 meters at the base. The portable shampoo bowl chair can be reclining towards the front or back as per the requirement and it can be tilted for the perfect use of the portable shampoo bowl. It also includes a drain plug which is made up of rubber and stops the water inside the shampoo bowl and whenever you want to drain the water out of the portable shampoo bowl you can easily unplug the rubber plug and let it drain through the drain hose pipe. The shampoo bowl is made up of the ABS composite and it can be said to a stain-resistant and easy to clean bowl. The portable shampoo bowl includes a large basin to provide good service to the customers.

Pro portable shampoo basin

The next portable shampoo bowl from a pro is made up of the PP material with the support of the stainless steel pipe. The portable shampoo bowl is having an angle adjustable basin that can move to the front and back position. It also has an adjustable height which can be fully adjustable with the normal chair or any other reclining chair. It has a plug which prevents the water from getting out of the shampoo bowl and a drain hose pipe to let the water out of the portable shampoo bowl after the shampooing and washing of the hair. The portable shampoo bowl is a compact, lightweight and a durable product which can be easily assembled and connected permanently or you can also move the portable shampoo bowl to the desired location as per your need. This can be easily installed and can be assembled within the minutes.

The above two pro portable shampoo basin covers some of the best of the shampoo basin, you can check out other salon furniture including pedicure chairs, sanitation stations and designer nail polish racks as well.

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